Nowadays everyone is working overtime and weekends, making it almost impossible not to use the “I havesports-shoes-115134_1280-300x225

no time to exercise” excuse. But think about it. Is spending so much time working harming our bodies because we aren’t giving them enough TLC? What if I told you I had a way to get in those 30 minutes of fitness while at work?

This may not give you the summer beach body you have in mind, but it could give you that daily exercise that we know we need. Have you ever heard of deskercise? If not, we are sharing
something new with you. Here’s a list of some great deskercises and fitness tips for the office.

Easy Changes that Can Make All the Difference

Here are just a few easy ways to add some fitness into your day while at work, courtesy of Greatist.

  • Take the stairs and get a little extra cardio
  • Always sit up straight at your desk!
  • • Shift between standing and sitting whenever possible
  • • Keep a pair of running shoes in your desk that way you can change in and out of them quickly
  • Instead of emailing your coworker, if (s)he is in the same office as you, get up and converse in person
  • Pace while on long conference calls
  • Take the long route to the restroom
  • Swap your office chair for a stability ball

Exercise Ideas

active-84646_1280-300x200We know working does not leave a lot of time for fitness so we have created a list of easy to do exercise you can do right at the office. All these exercises and many more can be found on 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work.

  1. Stretch Your Neck:
    • If you are staring at a computer for a good chunk of your day, you may notice that you get a stiff neck quite often. Be sure to stretch your neck regularly to alleviate any tension in your neck and shoulders. To stretch safely, reach your left hand on top of your head and over to your right ear. Lightly and carefully pull your head toward your left shoulder for a good stretch. Then stretch the other side.
  2. Thigh Strengthener:
    • When seated at work, this can be a great exercise to get a good workout in your thighs. Sit up tall with your back not touching the back of your chair. Engage and tighten your core while straightening one leg in front of you. Tighten your thigh to get a good burn, count to 10, and then repeat with the other leg. 
  3. Run in Place:
    • If you have some extra time at work in between phone calls, running in place can help get your heart rate up a bit and the blood flowing. Make sure to pump your arms when running and try and get your knees up as high as possible.
  4. Seated Leg Raises:
    • While seated, stretch one leg out in front of you, hold it up for 5 seconds, then lower for 5 seconds without touching the floor. For a bit of a challenge, do both legs at once.
  5. Desk Squat:
    • We love a good squat! Stand up straight, bend your knees slightly, and sit back as if you are
      stapler-411680_1280-300x225 sitting into a chair. You will want your thighs to be parallel to the floor, and be sure when you bend your knees, your knees are not going past your feet. Hold you squat for 15 seconds and then release for 15.
  6. The Stapler Curl:

    • It’s time to break out the stapler! You can do this deskercise seated or standing – take the stapler in one hand with your palm facing up. You can start at your thighs and bend your elbow, curling “the arm up towards the chest, just like a regular dumbbell biceps curl.”
  7. Shoulder Shrug:
    • When your shoulders get tense, it can be a pretty uncomfortable situation for someone to work in. Stretch your shoulders by doing shoulder shrugs. To do so, raise both your shoulders up toward your ears, hold it for 5 seconds, and then release to a normal position. Repeat until you feel that your shoulders are less tight, and that you have gotten a good stretch.


If you are looking for great stretches you can do at your desk, Healthline’s Ultimate ‘Deskercise’ Routine is just what you are looking for!

Finding time for fitness can be difficult, but with these great tips, exercises, and stretches you can do at the office, it will be much more difficult for you to say that you don’t have the time! Use what you’ve got in your workspace and get your fitness on!


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