Christmas gift ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas and Gift Giving at the Office


Christmas is nearly here and with offices closing for the holidays and parties going on, it is about time to start handing out those Christmas gifts. Deciding which gifts to buy co-workers can bring on a bit of anxiety, but you can relieve that unnecessary stress with just a bit of help. Here are some ideas for great christmas gifts for co-workers who love tech!

Giving a gift 

But first, let’s go over some rules for Gift Giving at Work…



  1. Respect the money limits – Stick to the spending limit. If you buy someone a gift that was way beyond the limit it could make him or her feel uncomfortable. [Information Source]
  2. Be appropriate – Don’t get to personal with gifts or give inappropriate gifts. It is still your workplace and you want to be professional.
  3. Know your coworkers – If you know a little about your coworkers you will have an easier time trying to find them a great gift. [Information Source]
  4. When in doubt – When your at a complete loss of what to get the best gift is always food. (a nice desert is always a good idea)


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Gift Ideas:


Choosing just the gift for those special people in your life can be a difficult task. And when it comes to those you work with, it can be even worse. Your co-workers are all different with different personalities, interests, and hobbies. For those techie lovers in your office, we have created a list of some geeky gifts that are sure to please:

Tech Friendly Gloves

  • Smart phone stand – With technology booming almost everyone has a smart phone. When using this smart phone stand, phones can be placed upright on the desk and you will never miss a text or phone call again. From Joby [Source]
  • Tech friendly gloves – As it gets colder, gloves are always a great idea, and with these tech gloves your co-worker no longer has to take them off to text. From NuTouch Gloves [Information Source]
  • Things to do mug – Companies run on caffeine so a coffee mug is a well thought out gift, and with this mug they will be able to right any to do items right on the mug. From Pier 1 [Source]
  • Portable speaker – This gift is great for all the music lovers. With this speaker their music can go anywhere and be as loud or as quiet as they would like. From ThinkGeek [Source]

Portable Speaker   Mug Warmer   Smart phone stand

  • Mug warmers – Know someone that enjoys their coffee but is so busy they do not have time to drink it before it is cold? With this gift they can keep their mug toasty on the warmer for as long as they need. From Mr. Coffee [Source]
  • USB light bulb lamp – If your co-worker is a late night owl then this gift is for USB lampthem. The light bulb lamp connects right into a computer USB port and stands on its own. It will illuminate any late night activity. From Modcloth [Source]


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While gifting your co-workers can be a tricky feat, with all the tips we have shared, you should be headed in the right direction on your next holiday shopping trip. Use some of the gift ideas given above, and if you still need a bit more help, here are some other handy lists to peruse:


You can use all the information given here to help make your gift buying a stress-free event. Take a deep breath and get shopping!


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