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Every business wants to boost their productivity, and although big changes can seem to make a large impact, sometimes it’s the smaller changes that make more of a difference. Take music, for instance: listening to music can help improve concentration, can increase your relaxation, and help relieve stress at work. A relaxed, focused person tends to be more open-minded, and can problem solve better than someone who is stressed, making for a more efficient employee.

Have you noticed that you need a boost in your productivity? Consider adding music to your workplace. Studies have shown that those who listen to music finish tasks quicker and are able to come up with more ideas. Music can improve your mood, and a good mood means a better performance. Sounds pretty great to us!

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Music in the Office

Playing music at the office depends on your work environment. If your workspace is often noisy, then having a good “noise” to focus on can help you regain concentration. If your environment is more quiet, then you are going to want something less lyrical such as classical or ambient music.Music helps boost work productivity

Dr. Sood, a physician of integrative medicine with the Mayo Clinic, says it takes just 15 min to half an hour of listening time to regain concentration, and being focused at work is an important factor in getting things done in a productive manner. Listening to melodious sounds helps encourage the release of dopamine in the reward part of the brain. It is like smelling something pleasant; your body reacts in a positive way.

Adding music to your office can help improve attitudes and behavior, and we all know that a positive attitude equals a positive performance.

Don’t believe us? Check out this great article to read all of the great benefits of music in the workplace: 21 Ways Music Makes You More Productive at Work.

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Internet Radio Stations

As time passes, more and more internet radio stations are popping up. What are some of your favorites? Here are some of the most popular:

– TuneIn

– Pandora

– I Heart Radio

– Spotify

– Slacker


Movie Soundtracks

Movie soundtracks are great playlists to listen to at work. They are often non lyrical and non-interruptive, allowing for you to concentrate but work in pure silence. Here are a few movie soundtracks with great work environment-type soundtracks:


The Social Network





The Lord of the Rings


– Thomas Newman

– Hans Zimmer

– John Williams

– Randy Newman


Classical Music

Did you know that it has been said that listening to classical music improves social reasoning skills?Beethoven classical musicThis is what is referred to as the Mozart Effect, and is thought to help improves your performance while performing certain tasks. “Baroque music (classical music from 1600 to 1750) is known to be an excellent example of music as a focus aid, especially the works of Vivaldi, Bach and Handel.” These classical composers can really help you increase your work performance:

– Beethoven

– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Video Game Music

Similar to movie soundtracks, video game music is similar in nature. Most times they are non lyrical and are great when you are working on something that requires concentration. These video game playlist are great!

Final Fantasy 8

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Mass Effect

The Legend of Zelda


Our Music at Get Smart WorkSpaces

Here at Get Smart WorkSpaces, we listen to a wide variety of Pandora stations. If we are looking forThe Workspace something a little more lively, we may lean toward Tom Petty, Journey, or Bruno Mars, while the calmer days may call for artists like Johnny Cash, Regina Spektor, and the Dave Matthews Band.

Productivity is important in any business, and doing something as simply as adding music to your work environment can really give you that efficiency edge. Have you added music to your workspace? We would love to hear which types of music or what playlists have really helped add a more productive atmosphere to your office!

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