When you live in a tiny apartment or have limited space in your office, finding unique ways to create a spacious environment is important. Get out your notepad and keep track of these 7 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Small Space Bigger.

Use light colors.

Dark colors make a room smaller, so if you have the ability to do so, use lighter hues. Pale blues, creams, and light grays will “increase” the size of your room.


mirror [image]

We love mirrors! Adding a mirror (or a few) to your space will automatically trick the eye into seeing more spaciousness. Some mirrors can be pricey, but check swap meets and thrift stores if you’re on a budget.

Get multi-purpose items.

The more pieces you have that can function as different things, the better. If your ottoman can be used to store blankets or towels, that right there will increase the amount of usable space in your room.


uncovered window [image]

If you have a lot of windows in your space – or even if you just have 1 or 2 – leave off the curtains keep them uncovered. This gives people something to look out side the space and provides a bit more depth.

Emphasize your ceiling.

ceiling that pops  [image]

You may have been told to keep your ceiling a “clean white”, but in fact, giving it a pop of color or a unique texture will draw your guests’ eyes upward giving the illusion of higher ceilings and a larger room.

Cut out the clutter.

Whether your space is enormous or tiny, clutter is clutter and it can give the environment a “claustrophobic” feeling. Cut out the clutter in your space to give a more organized feel and the appearance of much more room.

Fold it up.

fold up table [image]

If you are able, try and find pieces that can be made smaller or folded up to allow for more open space. Look for pieces like a  table whose leaves (pieces of the table that add to make it bigger) can be removed, or a cutting board that you can fold up into the wall to create more room to cook and a bigger kitchen when you’re finished.

Yes, the aforementioned tips are all fantastic, but don’t be shy…go out and find some other creative ways to make your small space look larger! Happy creating!

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