We all love the holidays – that’s a given. And we like sharing the holiday spirit with our co-workers…right? This time when your office gets ready to deck the halls for its annual Christmas party, here’s a list of dishes to leave at home. Really. Leave them there.

fruit cake[image]

Fruit cake

The dreaded holiday fruit cake. We all love to hate it. Its neon bright “fruit” and its speckled, pockmarked look is not the most appealing thing to eat during the holidays (or any time, for that matter). And cake? How can it call itself a “cake”? Maybe fruit doorstop…that’s better. Leave this holiday tradition at home this year and you’ll be thanked by your co-workers.

garlic dip[image]

Garlic dip

Okay. The fact that this has to be said is crazy, but please, please do not bring a dip made solely from an ingredient whose odor will stay on your clothes probably until the New Year, and whose smell can be detected 4 office buildings away. Don’t you want to be able to talk to your co-workers for the rest of the party? Enjoy the dip when you’re at home, and won’t need to be in the faces of your friends all night.

nuts in shells[image]

Nuts in shells

What are we, at a ballpark? No, nuts are not a good holiday treat, especially when the shells have been left on. You’ll have to crack them open, getting shell shards stuck in your teeth and gums. Not a good look. This year, avoid this disaster and skip the nuts.

mincemeat pie[image]

Mincemeat pie

Although there are some tasty mincemeat fillings somewhere in the world, the majority of the time, just hearing the name will turn office partiers’ stomachs. It doesn’t sound very appetizing, and honestly, it doesn’t look it either. Instead of mincemeat, save yourself the heartache and go for the more popular apple or pecan.

jell-o salad with tuna[image]

Jell-O salad

I know, you’re thinking, What could go wrong with Jell-O? Well, when I was looking up Jell-O recipes, I was horrified. Did you know people put tuna in their lime Jell-O salad? I also saw green peas and mint in one recipe, and another dish with mushrooms and chicken stock, and topped with whipping cream! The insanity! Why, oh why, would someone subject their co-workers to these atrocities. I’m begging you: no Jell-O creations.

If you follow our advice and refrain from taking these foods to your office Christmas party, it’ll be a much more holly jolly time.

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