Coworking and shared offices have become a booming business model in the United States and abroad. With so many people working through the Internet or as independent contractors, freelancers, or entrepreneurs, the central business office is often bypassed for other options that are better-suited for the individual.

But if you’re wondering why working from a shared office is a better choice than working from home, the library, or the coffee shop, let us give you 4 reasons to work from a shared office.

4 Reasons to Work from a Shared Office

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1. You have access to a Professional Space.

Unlike working from a library or coffee shop, a shared office offers a variety of areas to suit your varying needs. For example, many shared offices, including The WorkSpace, offer open-work areas, dedicated desk space, and multiple meeting or conference rooms.

If you rent space at a shared, coworking office, you can work in the open-work area one day and hold a professional business meeting in the conference room the next. Does that Starbucks have an HDMI TV you can use for your next big presentation? We didn’t think so.



2. It’s Budget-Friendly.

A coworking space usually has multiple payment plans to choose from. These shared offices have rates by the hour or by the month; no matter how often or how little you will use the space, there’s a plan that will fit your business needs and your budget.

Plus, unlike renting your own office, there’s no added expenses (like utilities) that are tied into a lease and Wi-Fi is included. Other amenities like printing are offered at reasonable rates, and shared offices are often stacked with coffee and snacks.

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3. Networking Opportunities are abundant.

Building a successful business is all about making connections. For those who work from home or another public place, forming meaningful business connections can be difficult. A shared office brings all types of business professionals together in one place. Working alongside other creative professionals will give you the opportunity to ask for opinions, network, or make new friends. You may be surprised how common it is for networking and cross-promotions to come from a connection formed at a coworking space.

Shared offices also hold regular events and workshops to help members and other local professionals meet, network, and learn about other businesses in the area. At The WorkSpace, we hold regular events like Coffee and Coworking or Craft Brew Networking Night to bring people together and to make meaningful business connections. Check out all of our events on The WorkSpace Carlsbad Calendar.


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4. There are Fewer Distractions.

If you’re worried about running the dishwasher, unloading the dryer, or keeping the cat from climbing on your laptop while you’re working, you will probably have trouble reaching your maximum productivity levels. One advantage of a shared office space is that everyone is there for one reason: to work. When working from home, daily chores or work-break temptations can easily encroach on your work day and prevent you from finishing that to-do list. Even public places have constant distractions from people walking through or from disruptive noises.

A shared office achieves just the right balance to maximize productivity. Some areas may play soft music for those who like background noise, while other areas may be quieter. Also, professionals have space to work independently, but there’s always someone there to collaborate with if you need to.


If working from home is getting isolating or if you’re getting tired of the coffee shop as your meeting place, check out all that a coworking space has to offer! The WorkSpace Carlsbad is an open, innovative work area that stimulates creativity and collaboration. We have hourly and monthly rates, plus free coffee, tea, snacks, and Wi-Fi!


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