Many times, we love the comfort of being in our own workspace — our own environment — when holding trainings or meetings. However, there are some definite benefits to having your next meeting at an alternate location. Take a look at these 3 reasons to have an offsite meeting.


1. Access to more equipment

By this, we mean that when you take your meeting on the road, depending on the facility you use, you may have more available technology, tools, and different ways to engage your group simply because you are in a less familiar environment. [image]


2. Less distraction

Leaving the “comfort of your own home”, so to speak, allows you the opportunity to stay focused and will help increase productivity overall.



3. More networking

When you’re in someone else’s workspace, you are able to network with new people, learn about different areas of expertise, and engage with those you may not normally if you had not been working offsite. [image]


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