This year, Facebook faced a tough decision about to integrate video ads. How would CEO Mark Zuckerberg would go about establishing this advertising? Now it’s happened. Facebook has rolled out autoplay video ads to users’ News Feeds. 

Autoplay video ads are not:

  • invasive — you can scroll past them if you aren’t interested.
  • loud — they will automatically play with no sound and won’t add sound until you click the ad.
  • pop-ups — they won’t interfere with what you are doing.
  • going to eat up your data usage — Facebook has chosen to cache the videos on your device ahead of time while you’re connected via WiFi, even if they don’t play until later.

facebook autoplay video ads [image]

Initially video ads are only for some 

When this new feature was added on December 17, 2013, Facebook stated that the ads would only be seen on a small number of individuals’ Timelines.

Facebook makes video ads user friendly

If you look at the nuts and bolts of these new autoplay ads, Facebook seems to be on the right track. We have to sit through YouTube ads that are 5-30 seconds long, and they’re usually not anything we’re interested in anyway. I guess it will only be a matter of time until we see the full effect of this new advertising method, and only then can we decide if we are for or against the autoplay videos.

facebook ads [image]

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