When you think of having an office job, do you picture the mundane, drone-like environment portrayed in the comedy, “Office Space”? I’m sure a lot of us do. Even though there are probably many companies with more interesting and creative work environments, there are also many that possess that stifling quality. However, with the growing popularity of coworking spaces, more and more company employees and entrepreneurs are getting the opportunity to learn, grow, and really expand their workspaces, rather than simply “getting the job done”.


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New People Bring New Ideas

Working near people you do not know will increase the likelihood that soon, you will be working with them. In a coworking space, you have the chance to work near many different types of people in various businesses, with various interests. Coworking allows for networking and a melding of minds, and with these new minds, you are exposed to fresh ideas that could potentially benefit your business. By networking in a coworking space, you are able not only to increase your own personal network, but you can also increase the opportunity for your company’s network to expand as well.


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Coworking is Flexible

Many people work long hours, at strange times, and need to be somewhere that provides flexibility. Coworking spaces like ours provide members with 24/7 access to the space, and that affords them the ability to create their own schedules. Coworking is also flexible in that it allows you to get out of the house and out of your pajamas, but puts you in an environment where you don’t have to be confined to your suit and tie either.


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Low Cost, High Value

Coworking facilities such as ours have a low membership cost compared to having to rent out an entire office. That is another benefit to coworking: shared costs. Here, you have everything you would need already included in your membership dues. You have access to WiFi, the ability to connect your computers to our HD TVs for presentation purposes, spacious environment to hold conferences, workshops, presentations, and mixers, access to a great kitchen, complimentary snacks, comfortable seating, and a space that will grant you the opportunity to be up your productivity in a relaxed setting.


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So whether you are looking for a space to hold a meeting or make your presentation, or you simply want to get out of the house, and into an environment where you can work and feel comfortable while being productive, a coworking space is just what you need.

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