The WorkSpace in Carlsbad

Has hosted a number of networking events. Our own networking events include:

Coffee and Coworking

The First Wednesday of every month we open our doors an hour early to invite in our fellow North San Diego County professionals in for an hour of free coffee & coworking.

Use this hour to set your calendar, organize yourself for the day, catch up on email, or to just relax.

You can work, cowork, or network.

Get Smart Craft Brew Night

The last Wednesday of every month Get Smart WorkSpaces brings in a local craft brewer to show off their brew magic delights and for us to enjoy!

Cost at the door is our hourly drop-in rate of $10. The event is 2+ hours but we only charge for one hour. Monthly members are welcome for free.

Are you interested in hosting your own networking event?

Get more information and view more pictures of our Event Space.

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