Delivery Problems? The myDoorman app can help.

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Think about the last package you received that was really important to you. Maybe you were excited about it because your new phone had finally arrived or it was a care package from your mom; maybe you needed it desperately to meet that work or school deadline.

Now imagine you came home and saw this:

Delivery Slip                                                                                 [Image Source]

Ughh! You missed the deliveryman… again.


Or this:

Image 3                                                                                 [Image Source]

So this was what they meant when they told you the delivery would be left “discreetly” if you weren’t there?! (Parcel, you aren’t fooling anyone! We all know you are a package with a doormat on your head!)

Why miss that important package because you can’t be at home for hours waiting on the delivery? (Don’t they know you have a life?!) Why let that expensive gadget you ordered sit out in the open where anyone could walk by and take it?

myDoorman is a new app that will solve all your delivery frustrations.

When you register with the app (available for the iPhone and Android), you receive a local myDoorman address to promptly and safely receive personal packages, online orders, and even letters at a secure myDoorman facility. Even packages that require signatures can be signed for and collected in the facility.

Once your package has arrived, myDoorman will notify you via the app. Then (this is the best part!), you get to schedule in the app for when you’d like the package to be delivered. You won’t be home until 11 p.m.? No problem! myDoorman will deliver packages to your door seven days a week until midnight. You’re touring around Europe for a month? (Lucky you!) myDoorman can store the delivery for as long as you like, and you can schedule the delivery for when you’re back in town.

myDoorman accepts deliveries six days a week from all shipping companies, including FedEx, UPS, the US Postal Service, DHL, and Airborne Express and will reimburse you if your package is missing or damaged due to the myDoorman process.

So what does it cost these days to have a personal doorman? $7… or it could be a free app… it’s your choice.

Each delivery costs $7, or myDoorman will trade friendly social posts for free delivery. Post enough props on social media, and you could wind up scoring this app for free!

Here’s how to get myDoorman for free:

On Twitter: You will give your Twitter handle upon registering with myDoorman. Tweet some nice words to @doorman_it, include the hashtag #freedelivery, and your myDoorman account will be credited with a free delivery.

On Facebook: Post something positive to myDoorman’s Facebook wall, and your myDoorman account will be credited with a free delivery.

myDoorman sign up                                                                                 [Image Source]


At the moment, myDoorman is only available in San Francisco, but the app has plans to open in other U.S. cities soon. Sign up and myDoorman will keep you posted on their progress.

With myDoorman, we can all have a taste of the high life!

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More info? Visit the myDoorman website.


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