There are many business professionals who must juggle being in the office and traveling, while continuing to work effectively. This can be hard for some, so we have put together a few tips to help keep you productive while on the go.


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1. Make a list.

This is important for many people — traveling or not. Making a list (and sticking to it) can be so helpful when it comes to staying focused and on-task. Most smartphones have some kind of notes app or somewhere where you can keep track of tasks, so take advantage of this easy way to list out your day’s assignments.


2. Sync it up!

If you are using your phone, tablet, or another electronic device to work while on the go, be sure that your devices are syncing up correctly and consistently. There’s nothing worse than to leave your house and realize your phone doesn’t have your necessary documents on it. To ensure it’s connected properly, you must test frequently. Calendars, emails, to-do lists, are all things you will want to double check you have.


3. Stay charged.

This is especially important if you are one of the unlucky people whose device loses its charge quickly and frequently. You can buy extra charge batteries to connect directly to your phone or a handy little tool like the Powerocks Magicstick that allows you to always stay charged as long as your device has a USB hookup capability.



4. Look to the “End of the Day”.

By creating a folder in your email or label called “End of the Day”, you can put any emails you need to get back to or take a second look at later here. However, this only works if you remember to check them at the end of the day!


5. Apps, apps, apps.

While working on the go, mobile applications can be your best friend. There are apps for nearly anything you may need while traveling — finding the cheapest gas, where there is Wi-Fi available, and so on — and many are free…even better! Take a look at what mobile apps would help you most and then make sure you have them accessible before your next trip.

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