Digital entrepreneurs have to perform a multitude of tasks – from data analysis, IT, research, and HR – all while producing the actual work that pays the bills.


It’s not an easy job, and the failures may often outweigh the successes. Luckily, there are apps which make life immeasurably easier. Whether the task is data collection, metrics analysis, or simply keeping your calendar straight, here are tools that today’s leading digital entrepreneurs swear by.




  • Real-time Web Analytics
  • Individual visitor action analysis
  • Alerts for designated conversions


 Recommended by Michael Hyatt: Best-selling author of Platform: Get Noticed In a  Noisy World.
“[] is what I use to monitor up-to-the-minute stats on all my websites. It uses Google Analytics, but presents the data in a more useful manner.”


Having real-time analytics enables entrepreneurs to take the appropriate actions to grow their digital business.



2.  Prismatic


  • Single news feed for all your interests
  • Customizable across broad range of categories
Recommended by Hiten Shah, cofounder of KISSmetrics:
“I love to find and share awesome content. Prismatic has made it easier for me to find the best content faster. Now with Prismatic, I don’t have to go to dozens of places to find useful, informative, and awesome content to share.”

If you’re spending too much time scouring the Internet for relevant content, this app will save you valuable time by having all pertinent feeds in one place.


3. Fantastical

  • Instant calendar event creation for Macs
  • Does not require opening calendar app
  • Natural language adaptation
Recommended by Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist at Apple:
“[Fantastical] is a great way to see and edit your calendar without launching your calendar application and switching to it. Very smart, too.”


If you’re like most entrepreneurs and have multiple demands on your time, Fantastical will help you stay organized with much greater ease and flexibility than traditional iOS calendar apps.


4. JumpCut 

  • Clipboard history buffering-
  • Saves multiple cuts/copies
  • Easy access while editing
Recommended by Tim Ferris, best-selling author of The 4-Hour Work Week:
“I can’t live without JumpCut, which saves my ass all the time. Have you ever cut and pasted two or three things, and lost a hugely important thing that you cut first? Jumpcut, which is free, allows you to store (and easily retrieve) 40+ copied or cut things from your clipboard.”


There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a valuable piece of info that you need to use later on. JumpCut will prevent these losses during your creative process!

Whether you’re preparing a digital e-newsletter for your local community center or writing a marketing blog with thousands of daily hits, these apps will help alleviate the mental stress that accompanies entrepreneurship, saving you time and frustration in the process!


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