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Got meetings? Here are Get Smart WorkSpaces, we have three different sized meeting rooms just for you! We wanted to change the typical meeting room by adding some technology, style, comfort, and creative elements. We have three meeting rooms that seat 2-3, 5-7, and 9-11 people respectively. Our meeting rooms have comfy chairs, large tables, and writable walls. Our two larger meeting rooms have flat screen tvs with video and wireless computer hookup for up to 4 computers. When our meeting spaces are not booked our hourly coworkers have access to jump in and get creative with other members. When booked our meeting and training rooms have a 24 hour cancellation policy and 30 minute minimum. We hope to see you in there!

Who should use our meeting rooms?

  • Businesses looking for offsite meeting space.
  • Professionals who meet clients in their local coffee shop.
  • Business owners that would like a professional face for their business.
  • Teams that would like a creative space to conduct workshops and trainings.

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