Enjoy Mail Service right from The Workspace!

In place of using your home or PO Box as a business address, you can use our address to give your business a brick and mortar location in Carlsbad, California.


To get started:

  • Fill out and return this Mail Service Document, you will also need to bring in 2 forms of identification.
    • Make sure to include name, company, and any DBA’s that may be receiving mail.
  • Start monthly $30 auto-debit
    • The $30 Monthly Mail Service Fee is auto debited every 30 days and requires a 30-day cancellation in writing to terminate. If you are near the end of your 30-day billing cycle this could result in an additional 30-days of mail service.
    • Mail cannot be forwarded after cancellation, you will have to inform your contacts of the address change.
    • We will hold your mail up to 30 days after cancellation, after 30 days we will return all mail sent to us.

By purchasing this mail service package, you acknowledge that you have read Get Smart WorkSpaces’ Terms of Use

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