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Adding plants to your workspace not only adds beauty and style, but it’s proven that adding greenery to your home or office increases productivity and has numerous health benefits, as well. With so many positive effects, why not try it? If you are looking to “go green” in your office and are not sure which plants are the best, check out some ideas for perfect indoor office plants and greenery.


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Indoor Office Greenery

Adding greenery to your indoor office has great benefits. It reduces stress, and absenteeism but it also purifies the office air. Creating a green office sounds amazing right? Just make sure the plants you are choosing to add to your office will thrive in an indoor environment. We have found some great indoor plants that will only better your work environment. [Information Source]



Succulent PlantThough succulents may not be the best at purifying the air they are beautiful plants. It you want to add greenery to the office, these plants are perfect. They are built for dryer areas so they do not need as much maintenance as other plants. They also come in many colors and style. They are sure to make the office pop.


*All cacti are succulents, but did you know that not all succulents are cacti?



Ivy Plant

Ivy is a climbing vine that does well indoors, and does not need much sunlight. With so much foliage it does well in absorbing formaldehyde, which is the most prevalent indoor pollutant.




Peace Lily
Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of the few air purifying plants that flower. It does not require a large amount of light but does require watering every week and is poisonous to pets. Though poisonous to pets this plant has great benefits. It will rid the air of VOC benzene, which is a carcinogen that can be found in paints and furniture polishes/wax. It will also suck up acetone, which is emitted by electronics, adhesives, and particular cleaners.


Aloe Plant

Aloe is an easy to grow plant. It does love sunlight so it would need to be near a window that gets good sunlight. Aloe helps clear formaldehyde and benzene, which is a by-product of things such as chemical based cleaners, paints, and more. The gel inside the aloe plant is also great at helping heal cuts and burns.


Spider Plant

Spider Plant - Indoor Plant

The spider plant is a great plant for beginning gardeners. It reproduces quickly. If you hang this plant or place it on a pedestal near a well-lit window it will help reduce airborne formaldehyde and benzene molecules.




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If you are looking for a way to add some unique features to your office while also receiving healthy benefits, incorporating plants and greenery is the way to go! Have you added some touches of green to your workplace? We would love to see! Please share your photos with us here on our Facebook page.



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