Wondering what you should look for when examining coworking spaces? Given how much time we spent planning out our coworking space in Carlsbad, we’ve been there, done that, having already put together a great checklist.

So let’s go over that checklist, and let’s make sure that the coworking space you’re considering is up to snuff. While there are many great coworking communities, some owners simply try to cut corners, so making sure everything is in order is essential.

Make sure the environment is comfortable and creative

The first thing you should do when checking out a creative common space, is check out the physical space itself. Ask for a tour, take a walk around. Is it comfortable? Are there a variety of different spaces? Sometimes it helps to work at a formal desk, other times you’ll need a conference room, and still sometimes you might just want to lounge on a couch. What about outdoor space? Few things can be more refreshing than some time in the great outdoors.

Make Sure the Creative Toolbox is Full

It’s not just the wide-open community that makes a coworking space different (and better) than your typical cube farm, it’s the fact that they’ve been designed from the floor on up to inspire and nurture creativity. A great coworking space will be loaded with tools that inspire creativity, such as large writable surfaces to support brainstorming sessions. In our space, we provide both white boards (including some on wheels), and many of the walls themselves are writeable. This makes brainstorming easy.

Make Sure the Wifi is Strong

Very few businesses these days can get by without the Internet. Yet when it comes to Internet and wifi, not every connection is created equal. When examining any type of office space, make sure you find out what type of Internet is available. We’ve heard horror stories of tech companies moving into office space, only to find out that high-speed Internet is not readily available. Could you imagine trying to run a tech startup without a high speed Internet connection in the office?

Tech at Your Fingertips

Want to pull up your presentation onto a big screen or projector screen*? Need to access something on Apple TV or Chromecast? Mashing out code on your laptop getting too cramped and are you in need of a larger monitor? A great coworking space will give you easy access to all of these technologies and more.

Value Added Services To Make Life Easier

Need mail service? A virtual assistant? Copies, black and white or color? A great coworking community will not only provide these services, but will also make sure that they are affordable. At Carlsbad, we’re more focused on empowerment than profits, so we never nickel and dime our community members. What’s that mean? Only 10 cents a page for black and white copies, and only $30 bucks a month for mail services. A virtual assistant, meanwhile, will set you back only $35 dollars an hour.

Food & Fuel is Readily Available

No, we’re not talking about gasoline, but when it comes to cranking out code or performing any other type of creative work, an energy drink or cup of coffee can go a long way in providing you with a much needed jolt. Or it might be that you ran out the door in the morning, important meeting with an investor or client, and forgot to eat. Many coworking spaces, Carlsbad included, provide free snacks and drinks.

Make Sure Plans Are Flexible

There’s no one size fit all solution when it comes to creative coworking spaces. Some people are looking for a place to work, day in, day out. Some companies might just want a change of pace to hold a meeting. Another individual may need an office space to meet with clients a few times a month. A great coworking space will offer a variety of flexible plans to meet every budget and every need.

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