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Coworking Carlsbad & North County San Diego. 

The open coworking area at The WorkSpace was designed to create a fun, functional, and comfortable work environment for professionals seeking a collaborative work environment.

We put quite a bit of thought, energy, and money into trying to create a modern, tech-focused, business accelerating workplace. BUT we want it to be accessible to as many people as possible so we are letting you decide what a day in our space is worth to you.

The pricing we are offering is well below what the going rate for a coworking space like ours should be, so why are we offering you such low rates?

You Deserve Options. 

What's Included?

What you get depends on what you need. 

  • Professional & Inspiring Work Environment
  • Comfortable Work Options
  • Highspeed Internet Access
  • Fuel: Coffee, Tea, Snacks
  • Community

**No Frills is just a workstation with power and high-speed Internet. Fuel UP and Power Up include free coffee, tea, and snacks.

Onsite we have other amenities that can be accessed for a fee they include a stocked beverage refrigerator, copying & printing, 3D printer, and meeting rooms.

Need more options? Scroll down. 

Monthly Coworking Packages

One of the hardest things in business is to get things done. Consistent execution of administrative, sales, marketing, support and service tasks often get pushed to whenever you have time. Our monthly packages are geared to help you set a consistent schedule in a, get it done creatively work environment.

Unlimited 24/7 Access?

Are you a Weekend & Evening Warrior? Do you need a business address? Do you want to hold meetings? Get unlimited 24/7 access to the open coworking area plus more.

24/7 Coworking

More access means more productive. Scroll over and/or click the I’s to find the best coworking 24/7 package to fit your needs.

Monthly Dedicated Desks & Team Rooms

24/7 Dedicated Desk

Do you want your own space? Would you like to leave your things and lock your door? Get a Dedicated Desk.

24/7 Coworking

More access means more productive. Scroll over image to find the best coworking 24/7 package to fit your needs.

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