Infinit is a brand new file-transfer app for Mac (Windows and Linux coming soon) that is geared more towards creatives. Whether it’s a screenshot or your final mockups, there’s no easier way to send files. Infinit integrates flawlessly into the creative process to make life easier for digital artists. And not only is it easy, but it’s really pretty too. Infinit can transfer gargantuan files with haste, claiming to be “up to” 23 times faster than similar services such as WeTransfer and Hightail. Infinit lets you send huge files without the wait, letting you transfer any size of file and any type. With automatic pause/resume, you’re no longer at the mercy of your Internet connection. Plus, it is all 100% encrypted, only you and the recipient can access them.


One of our favorite features is how simple and easy it is to use this great too. You simply drag-and-drop to the desired recipient, who will then act upon the ‘accept’ message that pops up. “Once installed, the Infinit icon shows up in the user’s Finder favorites, just like their own home folder or an attached USB drive, says, “for example, whilst the Infinit interface consists of 8 avatars — seven of your most shared with ‘friends’ plus yourself — and a search bar for finding and sharing with others, including based on their email address.” File transfers are initiated via a simple drag and drop of the content you wish to share onto the avatar of the person you wish to share it with, and a menu item in the Finder’s menu bar keeps tabs on how file transfers are progressing, new file transfer requests, and access to other settings. That’s all there is to it.


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