Do you get a lump in your throat and break out in a sweat when you know you have to present in front of an audience? Do you feel unprepared the night before a big presentation? Do you feel unsure of what to talk about or how to plan your meetings? Grab your pad of paper and pen because we have 10 Tips For An Effective Meeting Presentation that will get your presentation skills polished and ready to go.

1. Be punctual.

One of the most important aspects to any successful presentation is punctuality. If you are not on time, not only does it show those you are presenting to that their time is not as important as yours, but it can unprofessional. You want to demonstrate that what you have to say is significant and being timely will do just that.

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2. Be prepared.

When arriving to present, you want to be sure you are prepared and have all your materials, are dressed appropriately, with your presentation ready. If you have anything tech related (computer hook-up, etc.) you want to ensure that it is working correctly with no glitches or issues.

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3. Be clear.

You will want to give the best information to your audience, but you also need to read them. What are their needs? If they are not understanding your concept, add in a personal anecdote or practical example that will help clarify your point.

4. Be heard.

When speaking, check to see that those sitting near the hall or those furthest from you can hear you well. This is also a job for you, as the presenter, to speak clearly and slowly enough that people can take notes if they would like without getting lost or falling behind.

5. Be visual.

Typically, when someone sees a PowerPoint presentation with tons and tons of text and no images, they are automatically bored or put off. You have to get people’s attention with a vibrant photo or a catchy image, rather than bombarding them with word after word after word. Some text is great, but too much is overkill and you will lose their attention. This also applies to crazy graphics – yes, the squiggly underlining and the photo of yourself that drops from the top of the screen may seem fun, but they appear juvenile and distracting to viewers.

6. Be natural.

When addressing your audience, you’ll want to be as natural as possible. Yes, before your presentation, you should prepare an outline of what you want to talk about, but when it comes to gestures, facial expressions, and speech, you want to be you. Do not be robotic or forced because you will appear phony. Instead, you want to laugh when it’s appropriate, use hand gestures if you are used to doing so, and speak in a way that doesn’t sound as if you are reading off cue cards. (Also, don’t read off cue cards.)

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7. Be engaging.

This tip goes hand-in-hand with Be natural. You’ll want to engage your audience by letting your personality shine through just enough to present an interesting image of your topic, while still being informative enough to exemplify your ideas in a clear, concise fashion.

8. Be informative.

While you are giving your presentation, you will want to hit every topic that you have planned to discuss. This is actually an extremely important part of the “getting ready” pre-presentation process. Create an outline and get organized to prevent last minute scrambling and uncertainties.

9. Be inquisitive.

Fielding questions is a fantastic way to clear up any confusion or misconceptions. If someone missed a piece of your presentation, they will want to be caught up and informed, and you will want to ensure that happens. Questions also give you the opportunity to elaborate on something that your audience may want to hear more about.

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10. Be thankful.

At the end of your meeting presentation, you always want to thank your audience for joining you. You should also mention any future presentations that you may be giving in the future, and mention how you hope they will be present for those as well.

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