Sometimes you and the team just need to get away from the office. Company retreats to exotic  locations and tropical resorts are great, but not every company has the funds to send their staff on a retreat. Sometimes, such a “workaction” simply isn’t practical. Yet getting away from the office, even if just for a day, can make a huge difference.

A new office, a new spark

No offense to traditional office spaces and traditional companies, but the average corporate office often falls short of being inspiring. Further, being in the same office, day in, day out, can demotivate people and make it harder to concentrate. This is true of even the best offices, like those found at Google and Apple.

Often, larger companies approach us to rent out facilities for a day or even just an afternoon. This way, staff members can enjoy a fresh environment, which more often than not leads to fresh ideas.

Get the team away

Does your company have a team that is working on a big project? Say your web development team is working on a new website, or your software team is building a new application? Sometimes, it helps if the team spends a few days outside of the regular office. This is especially true if your office is the typical “cube farm”.

At the very least, getting the team away from the office will cut down on distractions. For example, friends around the office are great, but they can cause people to lose focus. Being in a fresh new environment can lead to huge jumps in productivity, and if deadlines are fast approaching, that extra productivity can go a long way.

Leave the drama behind

Fact is, the office can be full of office politics. That’s just how life goes. Work can be stressful, and stressful conditions can lead to political situations. One of the biggest reasons companies large and small come to us to book offsite meetings is simply to get away from all the negative politics back at the office.

Getting out of the office is one way to reduce the stress of office politics, even if only temporarily. If things are getting stressful at your own professional workspace, then it might be the right time to give your team a much needed break. Holding meetings offsite for a day or two can really help.

Make the meeting more memorable

As we’ve already pointed out, being stuck in the same office day-in and day-out can be distracting. The daily grind can wear people down and the monotony can become unbearable. Meetings may seem more like hassles than opportunities, and many of your team members may simply lack focus.

Having a meeting at an offsite location will make it seem more important right off the bat. The new environment will be stimulating, most people will be more energetic, and more focused. This means they’ll absorb a lot more, which can go a long way in making your meeting more effective.

Offsite meetings are especially useful if you have a large topic to talk about, such as a yearly team review, or an important issue. For example, do you want to launch a new product or service? If so, you should introduce your concept offsite where people will be fresh and energized.

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