Coworking spaces are a great option for new startups and small businesses. Affordable, stocked with great resources, designed from the ground up to encourage productivity, the list of benefits is nearly endless. That’s not going to stop us, however, from outlining the top five reasons your small business should set up shop in a shared workspace.


Reason # 1- Professional space at a discount

If you’ve ever run a small business, then you know the dread of paying bills. Rent, Internet, utilities, bills can add up quickly. On top of that, you have to worry about purchasing furniture, such as desks, setting up meeting rooms, buying endless packets of whiteboard markers because somebody keeps losing them, and dealing with every other headache.

Want to cut down on the bills and the hassles? Join a co-working space. There’s no long-term commitment, like with a permanent office, and you only pay one affordable bill per month. No more having to log into a half-dozen different company websites to make payments, no more having to shell out thousands of dollars for a small office in a drab strip mall.


Reason #2- Great resources, Easy Access

Coworking spaces are designed to increase productivity. You can count on reliable, fast Internet, spacious desks and comfortable chairs, food, coffee, drinks, and tons of other resources. Don’t waste time running down to Starbucks for an overpriced cup of Joe, don’t tear your hair out resetting the junky wireless router the Internet company gave you, don’t cram your team around a small table at a coffee shop.

Coworking spaces offer tons of resources and easy access to technology. This means you can focus on actually getting stuff done. As an entrepreneur, you can actually get to business, rather than dealing with endless hassles.


Reason #3- Be Part of a Community

Few things are more empowering than a sense of belonging, and a sense of being a part of a community. When you join a co-working space, you become part of a community, and a high-achieving, creative, and intellectual community at that. It takes a lot of sand to start a small business, and entrepreneurs are a driven, enterprising bunch.

Being immersed in such a high-caliber community can help you find inspiration. Hit a roadblock? You’ll be able to reach out to community members to find a spark. Looking for a specific skill, such as a web-developer or a world-class writer? You’ll be able to reach out to your co-working community, and you’ll probably be able to find the talent that you need.


Reason #4- Stay focused, find purpose

Let’s be honest; it’s a lot easier to turn on Netflix or get caught up with your favorite hobby when you work from home. Coffee shops can offer a change of pace, sure, but nothing replaces a professional working environment, especially when it comes to staying focused. And when it comes to laying out a strategy for your business, focus might just be the most important factor in determining your failure, or success.

Co-working spaces are great because everyone is working with a  purpose and towards a goal. Being around such driven people can help you find your drive. At the Carlsbad coworking space, we’ve crafted an environment that is fun, creative, and liberating, without being distracting.


Combining fun and professional, you’ll be able to stay on task, and tap into your creative juices. This will help you formulate the best plans, and brainstorm the best ideas, combined with resources at your fingertips, a co-working space can quickly become an incubator for success.


Reason #5- Amp up the results

Coworking spaces are all about variety. From intimate meeting rooms to creative spaces designed for brainstorming jam sessions, to an outdoor oasis that allows you to tap into your Zen, Get Smart WorkSpaces, a coworking space located in Carlsbad, California has been designed from the ground up to inspire creativity and focus.


And you know what that means? Your productivity will go through the roof, and results will start pouring in. Increased sales, new products, beautifully written code, apps that just work, coworking spaces are hotbeds for success. The possibilities are endless.


So, if you are looking to kick your small business up a notch or two look no further than you closest coworking space. If you are in North County, San Diego look up Get Smart WorkSpaces, your first coworking visit is free.

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