Offsite Company Meetings

Stuck in the cube farm? Having trouble coming up with new ideas or rallying the team for a major project? It happens to the hardest working teams at the best companies. People often talk about “writer’s block”, and how sometimes it’s difficult to get words on a page. In our experience, these “blocks” can happen to anyone doing just about anything. Whether your marketing team is trying to come up with a great idea and angle for a new product, or your development team is trying to bang out a rocking application, sometimes work can simply ground to a halt.

While the Carlsbad coworking space, Get Smart WorkSpaces focuses primarily on providing companies and entrepreneurs a place to take root and grow, we also help companies who are looking for a change of scenery. If your team is stuck in the mud, you should hold your next team meeting at a coworking space, like the one found in Carlsbad.

Fresh environment equals fresh ideas

It doesn’t matter if you have a rocking office space, a cube farm, or your more typical office space, a change of scenery can lead to a dramatic jump in productivity. When we designed our coworking space, we made sure to include several different working environments, such as an outdoor space, comfortable lounges, and more traditional areas equipped with desks. If you come and check our space out, you’ll notice that even our staff members frequently leave their day-to-day spot behind to go and get work done in a different environment. The same is true of the many companies that call our community workspace home.

It’s a simple fact that going to work in a different and new environment can provide you with a breath of fresh air and can help the team focus on their next big project or work through some serious challenges. This is perhaps the number one reason that companies should consider holding their next team meeting at a coworking space.

Keep the costs affordable

You’d probably rather send your team off to an exotic resort for some R&R and team building exercises. Who wouldn’t want to have their next team meeting in the Bahamas? Yet finding the time and funding these trips can be prohibitive. Many local coworking spaces, however, have very flexible plans and pricing policies that will suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off meeting or a place to hold an extended or recurring meeting, great coworking communities, like The WorkSpace in Carlsbad, will offer you flexible pricing models. This way, you can get a breath of fresh air without breaking the bank.

Leave the office distractions behind

If your office is like most bustling businesses there are a million things to do each day, fires to put out, projects to start and finish, and everyone needs help. When conducting a meeting those needs cannot easily be left outside the meeting room door. Whether there are physical interruptions or the team can hear see, or feel the pull of everything that needs their attention, the result can be a semi-productive meeting.

A team meeting at a coworking space can help your workers unplug from the office distractions and find focus. Holding your meeting at an off-site location makes the whole event more memorable and distinct. It also adds importance to the meeting, and most of your workers are going to show up more focused and ready to get to work.

Even a slight productivity boost will lead to huge gains for your company. In many ways, off-site meetings at coworking spaces pay for themselves as your workers become more productive and focused.

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