Far too often, people think of meetings as a hassle. Fact is, most of us would rather get our nose to the grindstone, rather than sit around talking about work. Yet, proper planning and coordination can go a long way towards ensuring your company or team’s success. Love em or hate em, meetings are all but necessary for coordinating efforts, brainstorming, and other vital functions.

If your meetings are a drag, there are some steps you can take to make them more exciting and engaging. With some planning and effort, your meetings could go from something that your staff dreads, to something that people actually look forward to. So let’s go over some tips you can use to inject some much needed energy into your meetings.

Get those bodies moving

First thing’s first. Don’t let your staff get to comfortable in those seats. Over here at the Carlsbad coworking space, we’ve got some of the most comfortable chairs in town, and yet we always tell people to get up and move around. Luckily, there are tons of team building and trust exercises that you can use to get people up and moving.

One simple game our staff loves to play is “concentration”. Basically, we divide the staff into two lines, each facing one other. We then stare at each other for ten seconds, after that one lines turns around for about 30 seconds, while the other line changes things up, taking off jewelry, throwing on some shades, whatever. When the other line turns back around, they have to guess what was changed.

Rinse and repeat. Takes about five minutes, but it gets everyone smiling, laughing, and moving around.

Be seen, use visuals

It’s far too easy to simply rely on some notes you jotted down on your notepad. This is especially true for quick staff meetings. You should take every meeting as seriously as possible, however. Think of it this way, if you were meeting with investors to sell some great idea, would you rely just on your notes? Probably not.

You’d probably get some visuals together, such as charts, models, Power Point presentations, demos, whatever. For a weekly team meeting you don’t need to put together a 20 slide Power Point, but grab some markers, and use a whiteboard or writable wall, and start writing things down! Seems simple because it is simple, and it’s also very effective.

Hunt down some inspiration videos

Ever stumble across a motivation video on Youtube or elsewhere that really inspired you? Share it with the team! Videos are short, sweet, and highly effective. If you can’t think of any videos, just do a couple of quick searches for “motivational business videos” and other topics. Just make sure you watch the video first to make sure it is appropriate.

Appeal to the “other” senses

Hold a meeting every Monday morning? Provide some coffee, energy drinks, and perhaps some donuts and other snacks. Not only will these snacks wake people up and get them engaged, but it’ll help them relax. And if some of your staff members skipped breakfast, you can catch them up to speed.

At our coworking space, we actually provide snacks and drinks for our members. This way, they’re always well-fed and ready to focus on bringing their awesome ideas to life.

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