Small businesses want to get more customers, but tons of people walk by their storefront without coming in. Foursquare has created Foursquare Ads to solve this problem. Foursquare’s goal is to connect great local businesses with the people nearby that are most likely to become customers.

In a post from their blog, Foursquare announced “we’re opening Foursquare Ads to all small businesses around the world. We’re moving past the days when business owners have to figure out if a “like” or a “click” has any meaning in the real world; now they can tell if someone who saw their ad actually walks into their store. We built this to be simple and flexible, learning from our four years of data and relationships with over 1.5 million claimed businesses.”

Creating an ad simple and quick to do. Just visit Four and choose a great photo of your space and either offer a special or highlight a great customer tip. Then you will just need to set your monthly budget and push your ad live for people nearby to see. Business purveyors can monitor how many people have viewed their ad, how many have tapped on it, and how many actually came into their store.



  • Pay for actions. You only pay if someone acts on your ad – either by tapping to see your business details or by checking in at your business.
  • Reach people ready to buy. Make sure they visit you, not your competition — 78% of people who search locally on their phone make a purchase.*
  •  Attract customers that should be yours. We show ads to people nearby who are searching for something related or have been to similar places.

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