Booking a conference room is a bit trickier than simply finding a hosting site and booking any old room. If you want your meetings to be effective, you need to make sure that you book the right room and that it has everything that suits your needs. Luckily, at the WorkSpace in Carlsbad we’ve helped numerous clients book meeting rooms, so we know what you need to look for.

Make sure the size fits

First thing’s first. Make sure you book a room that is large enough to hold all of the people you plan on hosting. Holding a meeting in a room that’s simply too small is a guaranteed formula for failure. People will be uncomfortable, and they’ll get distracted trying to make themselves comfortable.

You should also make sure that the table is large enough, free of clutter, and stable. Don’t forget the chairs! Uncomfortable chairs or chairs that make a lot of noise can be a huge distraction. So make sure all the physical facilities are in working order and the right fit before booking your room.

As a rule of thumb, we always recommend booking a room that might be slightly larger than your anticipated needs. This way, if an unexpected guest or two shows up or someone has more equipment than anticipated, you’ll be able to host them. You don’t want the room to be too big, however, as the meeting will lose its intimacy.

Make sure the Internet is strong and stable

You’ll most likely have to get on the web, either to access documents, such as presentations, or run demos. When you’re booking your meeting room, make sure you ask about the Internet. You’ll want a strong connection that’s easy for guests to access. You will want to be able to access the Internet via wifi and ethernet.

A toolbox full of presentation tools

Your meeting is most likely going to involve some degree or manner of presentation. Might be a Power Point or Investors Pack, or you might want to jot down some notes on a whiteboard or writeable wall. At The WorkSpace, many of the rooms are equipped with either whiteboards or writeable walls. We also have whiteboards on wheels that can be rolled into any room.

Many meeting rooms will be equipped with advanced tools, like projectors and monitors. These tools can be great, but make sure you have all of the necessary cords (VGA, HDMI, etc.) to use them. If not, ask your host if you can borrow some, but do so well before the meeting starts.

Get together with conferencing tools

Sometimes, people will need to use conferencing tools to bring everyone together. An important project lead might be working out of a neighboring city or state, a systems engineer might be in another country. These days, it’s easy to use phones and the Internet to connect people across the country.

Many, but not all meeting spaces will be equipped with these tools. So if you believe you’re going to need access to any conferencing tools, make sure you check with your potential hosts.

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