Coffee Shops are Noisier and Less Professional

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Yes, people talk when they cowork–but the noise is nothing like the hustle-bustling high-turnover of the coffee shop: the constant WHIRR and shriek of the coffee grinders, the ever opening and closing door, the demonstrative greetings of friends meeting for a quick cup of coffee. When you cowork at the WorkSpace in Carlsbad you’ll probably have a much easier time concentrating on your work. Our meeting rooms are also available and can accomodate groups of 2 to 12.

When You Cowork You Don’t Get Glared at by Coffee Shop Employees

Glaring Barista

It’s a little awkward to spend more than a few hours in a coffee shop unless you’re constantly buying drinks. And hey, coffee at the WorkSpace in Carlsbad is free! [image]

Coworking Has Better Seating

Open Work Environment

It can be a struggle to find good seating in a coffee shop. It’s tough to find an available seat that’s near a power outlet and not too close to the door or excessively yappy people. Coworking spaces have working people in mind withtheir seating and setup. Here at the WorkSpace in Carlsbad you’ll find plenty of desks with supportive chairs in our open work environment, as well as comfy couches and armchairs in our lounge area. You have the option to either work in this open area or to rent a designated desk in our back offices. And you won’t find a lack of power outlets.

Coworking Facilitates Collaboration and Creativity

Networking Event Venue

Coworking is great because you have coworkers! Instead of sitting amongst strangers every day in a coffee shop, when you cowork you get to know professionals in various different fields. Friends in diverse lines of work can stimulate your creativity and challenge you to think out of the box. Many coworking spaces also host networking events. The WorkSpace in Carlsbad has at least two networking events per month, Coffee and Coworking (usually on the first Wednesday of each month) and Craft Brew Night (usually on the last Wednesday of each month). It’s a great opportunity to get to know other professionals in the area, network, and meet potential clients.

Coffee Shops Don’t Have Whiteboards (…Or Other Helpful Office Resources)

Hourly Meeting Room Rental Carlsbad

Coworking spaces are set up to provide what you need. Here are a few things that many coworking spaces (including the WorkSpace) provide:

Coworking Provides Lots of Learning Opportunities

coworking space learning

Besides learning from your fellow coworkers, many coworking spaces host special learning events. Here at the WorkSpace we’ve hosted a Marketing Masters Series with classes in our training room on everything from brand development to power networking to how to photograph for your business.


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