Ostendo Technologies, 3D technology

Ostendo Technologies, 3D technology, miniature projector, hologram technology


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Forbes named San Diego the best place to launch a startup in 2014. There is a thriving community of startups not just in San Diego, but in North County as well. In this blog post we will be highlighting one that has recently caught our attention called Ostendo Technologies. They are located in Carlsbad and have been doing some truly cutting edge work in hologram technology.

For the past nine years, Ostendo Technologies has been working on a minature projector (the size of a Tic-Tac) which can emit videos and even 3-D images! Think “Star Wars” style—R2D2 beaming a holographic Princess Leia.

3D technology does already exist, but it is very large and very clunky. Certainly not anything that could be comfortably strapped to a wrist, fixed to a pair of glasses, embedded in a phone or even carried in a laptop bag.

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Ostendo Technologies founder and CEO Hussein S. El-Ghoroury invented a way to shrink the technology down with a technique that allows silicon to effectively bond with light-emitting diodes. According to the Washington Post:

The approach has several advantages. Each chipset is capable of producing a beam of light across a million pixels. Whereas Apple’s often-touted retina display has a resolution of 300 dots per inch, Ostendo’s Quantum Photonic Imager allows for 5,000 dots per inch. And every element, including color, brightness and angle can be controlled using software. This opens the possibility of chips small enough to be incorporated seamlessly into eyeglasses and other wearables, or to turn a car’s windshield into a heads-up display.

Is this the future of technology? Although personal computers have evolved and improved enormously, in some ways the concept has remained the same since the 70’s—a keyboard, a screen, and a mouse. Tablets with their touchscreens have been the first step away from this model. Perhaps 3D projection will be the next leap!

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We’re excited to see what comes next for Ostendo Technologies. El-Ghoroury’s team expects to have a fully capable version of the chipset for the consumer market by 2016.


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