3 Smart & Trendy Kickstarter Gadgets That Will Rock Your Office World


Have you ever come across a new gadget on KickStarter and thought to yourself, “Wow, how did I ever live without this?” Well, you’re going to be asking yourself that question when you see these crowd-funded gadgets ready to kickstart your office tech, improve the speed, security, and (most importantly) seating of your workspace.

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Neo Smartpen (N2)

“Writing as a pen with digital convenience”

neosmartDo you prefer taking notes the old fashioned way? Meaning paper to pen? Well, the Neo-Smartpen N2 is a smartpen that writes on paper but also saves whatever you have written or drawn into your devices for an all-around writing experience. This pen would be perfect for students, musicians, artist, business professionals or anyone, really. Pretty cool, huh? Get your Neo Smartpen Kickstarted Now.

Details about N2:
  • N2 is about the same thickness as a ballpoint pen
  • It doesn’t require a receiver or on/off switching
  • It stores up to 1,000 pages in the device itself
  • It syncs seamlessly with Evernote, which is considered to be the best app for digital note taking
  • It features synchronized recording – while using the pen, your voice can be recorded and played back in sync with what you were working on


“Live Free”


Whats more important than privacy? Especially you
families privacy? Hackers are quite creative cats these days. Just about anyone can turn on your camera without you even knowing it and view whatever’s on the other side. Creepy, huh? Nope is a magnetic privacy shield for your iMac, Macbook, laptop or desktop, which covers the digitally-linked camera and keeps you and your space secure. Adios “peeping toms”.

Details about Nope:
  • It’s aesthetic design integrates seamlessly with your device
  • Magnets which hold Nope in place, but will not damage or interfere with your device’s operation
  • Also now available for iPads



by Darma Inc.

“Sitting has become the smoking of our generation.” -Nilofer Merchant TED 2013



Did you know the average human sits 9.3 hours per day? There are over 13 areas of our body that are negatively affected by excessive seating. But as they say, with knowledge comes power. Darma is the world’s first “smartcushion” that monitors posture, sitting habits, stress level, stretching tips and best of all, coaches you to sit better! TechHive states that “The Darma cushion might be the smartest thing you ever sit on.” So, get smart and cushion your life, literally and physically.

Details about Darma:
  • It uses sensor technology and applied algorithms to offer actionable guidance to improve posture, stress, and sitting time
  • It “learns” your sitting habits
  • It is accurate enough to monitor your vitals- heart rate,
    heartbeat waveform, respiratory rate even breathing waveform

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While attempts have been made to produce similar gadgets, the 3 mentioned have all the elements we consider mandatory in office tech- aesthetics, ergonomics, and function beyond our expectations. Not for you? The holidays are coming up, any one of these gadgets would make a sweat gift! Visit Kickstarter.com to contribute and make these products a reality!

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