Have you ever lost your keys for days, searched everywhere and later found them hidden in the couch? Lent an item to a friend but couldn’t remember who? Maybe you’ve been a victim of having your personal belongings stolen. Well, now there’s an app that can help solve all of these issues and make your life easier! If you’re running a busy life, help keep track of items while on-the-go with Tile.


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  • Title can be attached, dropped in, or stuck to any item
  • Alerts you as you are getting closer or further away from your belongings*
  • Sound can be activated to more easily find hidden items through the built in speaker
  • Up to 10 tiles can be added to one account
  • Tiles can be shared with family or friends
  • Never need to replace batteries or recharge – simply replace after 1 year of use
  • Tile will send you a reminder when it needs to be replaced and provides you with an envelope to recycle your old tiles
  • GPS tracker remembers last place your item was seen
  • Ability to login on any smartphone to track your items*

*When within 50-150ft

* iOS compatible – app supported on all systems with Buetooth 4.0


One of the most unique features Tile offers is a community of users. The Tile community connects all Tile users together. If you have lost or had an item stolen, it can be marked for all other users. When a member from the community is near your item, Tile’s Cloud system will discreetly notify you the location of your lost/stolen article.


Tiles are slated to ship in Spring 2014; you can learn more and pre-order your tiles here.


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