It is time to bring your office or home-office into the 21st century. Here are a few cool, High Tech Gadgets for your Home/Office or Workspace to send you to the future!


Echo Smartpen


Besides fulfilling its basic purpose of writing, the Echo Smartpen will record writings and audio. You can then transfer all your audio and notes to your PC. With the Wi-Fi version, they are transferred wirelessly to a secure online account that you can access from anywhere. It’s useful if your job involves coming up with ideas on a regular basis.


Karma Wi-Fi Hotspot


Owners of this mobile hotspot, which costs $79, can share their bandwidth with users of their choice. Karma the is a social hotspot; ultrafast, pay-as-you-go, pocket-sized Wi-Fi. We all know that blindly joining a network called Free WiFi can lead to undesirable consequences. However, if you see Karma Wi-Fi (or a slight variation on the network name), you can snag yourself 100MB of data at 4G speeds.


 Winbot Robot Window Cleaner


Simply fill the Winbot with cleaning solution, attach to a window and press power. The little gadget will determine the size of glass and map a cleaning path. It cleans your windows in three stages: spray, squeegee and wipe, all while you cool your heels nearby.


Energy Efficient Printer


These days, printing the smallest of documents is seen as an attack on the “green” movement, but sometimes it just has to be done. If your office hasn’t quite made the print-free pledge and you don’t want to feel as bad about embracing paper, you can at least know that your printer is enviro-conscious. The HP LaserJet P4015x Printer reduces energy use by up to 50% with something they call “Instant-on” technology. And of course, you wouldn’t dream of printing on anything besides 100% recycled paper.


USB cup warmer


Why is it that a really good cuppa always seems to cool at 10 times the normal rate when you’re working at your computer? It’s really very annoying. Well at last there’s a suitably techie solution in the USB cup warmer. Simply plug this little gadget into your USB port, pop your cuppa on the hot plate and it’ll extend your drinking time by up to 30 minutes – bliss.


24 Port USB Monster Hub


We’ve decided it’s best if we just get the largest, most monstrous hub on the market, because having more ports than we need is a much nicer problem than having to acquire a new hub every few months. This puppy has 24 ports. (And you thought our 16 port hub was crazy!) Connect up to 24 USB devices with lightning fast 480Mbps transfer speeds. You can power this hub either directly from your computer or from an AC outlet. This means you can recharge your digital camera, flipcam, mp3 player, cell phone, everything you want, anywhere there’s a wall socket. This top grade hub features automatic over-current protection for each port, hot swapping plug-and-play connection, and the ability to daisy chain up to 127 USB devices if you’re really crazy.


USB Posture Alert Reminder


We all know posture is important. The USB Posture Alert Reminder, a palm-size monitor that plugs into your computer and sits atop the screen in front of you. Using ultrasonic waves, the device senses your position in relation to the screen and audibly berates you should you hunch too close to the monitor or recline too far away. If you start to dip too far in either direction, an LED light on the unit will give you a good flashing, so keep it straight! All of this can be yours for roughly $20.

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