Never miss an opportunity with the ‘Here on Biz’ App!

Here On Biz mission is simple: ensure professionals never miss an opportunity. Whether that is alerting you when a potentially great connection is nearby when you’re traveling on business, allowing you to better connect and communicate at a conference, or letting you know when an old colleague is passing through town. Here On Biz is the app that travels with you and makes the most of your time, automatically connecting you with nearby opportunities that matter.

So, think ‘Instant Business Networking.’ By connecting to your LinkedIn account, you will be able to chat with and see where your LinkedIn contacts are around you as well as other LinkedIn users who use the Here On Biz app. The great minds at Here on Biz have created an app that makes LinkedIn realtime, location aware, and fun! Here On Biz’s ability to keep professionals connected and alert them of nearby opportunities makes it an invaluable tool to a multitude of people and organizations.

The Here on Biz app is a great tool and perfect for:

  • Business Travelers

    • As a business professional, Here On Biz is a magical tool. The whole idea comes down to not letting you miss business opportunities. Once you download it, Here On Biz learns about you as a professional and then it begins to make intelligent introductions for you. You can always choose to open it up just to look around at the folks nearby too. The real magic is when you just landed in New York City and you receive an alert that someone who went to the same college, worked for the same company, and also works in the same industry is nearby.
  • Conference Attendees

    • Countless dollars are spent training workforces to learn business development best practices. Here for Biz aims to be a tool a company could use to make the workforce aware of potential new business relationships. Then they could use those really great business development skills they paid for while they travel, while at home, while at events, everywhere!
  • Event Coordinators

    • Here on Biz’s goal is to make it easy for events to want to use the product to keep their attendees connected during and after. With Here on Biz, during your event the attendees could see other attendees in a quick digital format. They can connect, and chat within the app. After the event they are alerted when nearby each other with your event as the commonality.
  • Power Networkers

    • Think of all the possibilities for Power Networkers out there. You connect, start a chat, move it from the phone to the coffee shop, and next thing you know you are the keynote at next years convention. Here On Biz turns associations and groups into hyperlocal daily opportunities focused around the common connection found by the membership and geographical location. Instead of simply an annual event or if lucky bi-annual, every day is full of opportunity.

The app is available for free worldwide on the Apple App Store and is currently being used by business professionals in over 50 countries.


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