You’re already used to talking through the photos on your phone with friends in person, Shadow Puppet lets you do the same thing but share it with people who can’t be there.

Shadow Puppet is a new iPhone app that lets users generate narrated tutorial videos or photo slideshows straight from their phone. “Users simply select images from their library, arrange them in the order they wish to share them, and use the phone’s voice recorder to narrate the slideshow as it plays” says They can then share the videos — called Puppets — straight to social media, or send them to family and friends via text or email. Users can also embed their Puppet videos onto personal blogs or websites. While using Shadow Puppet, zoom, point, swipe – do all the things you’d normally do on your iPhone. Everything is recorded and shared.

Shadow Puppet is a useful and practical tool for sharing personal moments or how-to videos. Walking someone through the photos on your phone is already a familiar experience and recording a puppet will probably feel as intuitive. “We’ve seen people who would normally never make a video or publish to a blog create remarkable puppets” says Carl Sjogreen and Adrian Graham, creators of the app. You’re already pretty good at this kind of show-and-tell, so take out your phone, find a few photos, and make your first puppet for someone.




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