If your workspace is feeling stale, it might be time to think about some technological upgrades. Whether you need to improve efficiency, work on the go, or freshen up the office, check out these gadgets to get ideas for your own business tech:

Improve the office environment: CubeSensors

Cube Sensors
CubeSensors are cool new gadgets that evaluate the quality of your indoor environment. With a small, modern cubic design, CubeSensors analyze air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light, and pressure, and the cubes will use that information to evaluate overall indoor health. CubeSensors can help determine the right temperature and lighting for maximum productivity, can alert when it would be good to open a window, and can sense when certain rooms or areas may be overheating or overcooling. One idea behind CubeSensors for businesses is that if employees are more comfortable and in a healthy environment, the office will be more effective as a whole. See other potential benefits of CubeSensors on their website.

Hold more efficient meetings: Electronic and Interactive Whiteboards

Electronic Whiteboard

Electronic whiteboards are a cool tool to promote interactive meetings and to ensure that everyone walks away with correct information. Instead of employees worrying about taking notes during the meeting, zoned in on laptops and notepads, employees can better listen, ask questions, and give feedback because the whiteboard will take care of the notes. The electronic whiteboard can scan and print whatever is on the board, making it easy to share notes accurately with those in attendance at the meeting, as well as those who couldn’t be there. Kick up efficiency with the interactive version, with which PC screen images can be projected onto the whiteboard. Display graphics, access the Internet, and add handwritten notes all at once with the interactive whiteboard with PC capabilities. Check out the models Panasonic offers and learn more about these products here.

Customize in the office: 3D Printers

3d printer
[3D Printer Image by Airwolf 3D]

3D printers are a popular topic in tech talk and for good reason. The ability to print in the third dimension offers a business a lot of possibilities. Companies could use 3D printing to build quick prototypes, make models in the design process, and customize products for clients, all factors that may help fuel more business. View the list of top-selling 3D Printers on Amazon.

Work from anywhere: Virtual Keyboards

virtual keyboard
Sometimes, carrying around all the tech devices (plus their power cords) can be a hassle and weigh down your work bag when you’re on the go. With a virtual keyboard, you can project a keyboard on any flat surface and connect it to smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The small projection box will cut down on the items to carry, and it can transform any table into a virtual office. Work at the coffee shop, from home, or at other off-site locations without having to lug around all the gear from the office. Virtual Keyboard for purchase at Brookstone.

Transform a wall: Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

wall projector
Old-school projectors require distance from the wall to project accurately, and their images are easily blocked in smaller spaces where people or other objects get in front of the projection. Sony is changing all of that with the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, set to release this summer 2014. With the ability to display ultra high-definition images up to 147 inches, this projector can transform a complete wall. Plus, the projector sits right next to the wall, eliminating any unwanted shadows from wandering in front. The downside? For now, this type of technology will cost about $30,000 to $40,000, which means only the big businesses will probably play with this tool. However, with all technology, we can anticipate a drop in price if only we are patient enough. Learn more on the Sony Website.

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