Did you know you can link your Facebook Account to your Skype Account? I bet not. Doing so lets you IM and call your Facebook friends, read your News Feed and even post status updates — all from within the VoIP service. Well, here are some simple steps to Connecting Facebook to Skype.



  • Access the Contacts Menu

    • Head to Contacts in your Skype toolbar, hover over “Contact Lists” and select “Facebook.”


  • Connect to Facebook

    • In the contacts panel on the left of your screen, you will see the option to “Connect to Facebook.” Go through the log in and permissions process as prompted.




  • Explore your New Skype Homepage


    • Once you’ve connected your accounts, you will be able to see your Facebook News Feed from your Skype homepage. Click on the house symbol from the menu on the left-hand side to view what’s new on Facebook. You can filter what appears here by clicking on the “Skype contacts,” “Facebook friends,” “Alerts” and “All” tabs.



  • Use Facebook from Skype

    • With your accounts connected, you may like and comment on posts just as in Facebook. To like content, click the heart; to comment, click the speech bubble. To refresh your feed, click on the two arrows at the top left of your homepage.



  • Sort your Contacts

    • Connecting your accounts will also let you import your Facebook friends into your Skype contacts list. If you click the arrow above your list of contacts, you can sort between “All,” “Skype,” “Online” and “Facebook.”



  • Facebook Chat from Skype

    • You can now instant message, or Facebook Chat, with your online Facebook contacts from within Skype. Just click on a contact and IM as you normally would in Skype. Your message will appear on Facebook as a standard Chat message.




  • Call Facebook Friends right from Skype

    • If you want to call a Facebook friend from within Skype, click on the contact and, if they are online, you’ll see the usual Skype buttons with the “Call” or “Video call” options.



  • Update your Status

    • Go to your Skype homepage and type in the “Tell your friends what you’re up to” text box. You’ll see another check box with “Also post to Facebook” — leave that ticked to send your new status to Facebook.

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