A self-described “hackerspace and economic hub for biotech and STEM in San Diego,” Bio, Tech and Beyond is a new biotech startup in Carlsbad CA, with a totally unique premise—it’s the first, and only, completely neutral biotech research facility in the San Diego area, eliminating all of the red tape that frequently burdens new ventures in the sciences. By removing the element of relying on a university or non-profit allocating grants and endowments, BTNB provides affordable lab space to budding researchers so that they can get their proof of principle experiments done before the need to raise capital.

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Joseph Jackson

Where did Bio, Tech and Beyond begin?

Founded by Joseph Jackson and Kevin Lustig, BTNB is a collaborative research facility offering low-cost lab space and shared access to biotechnology equipment. This premise offers the chance to foster and support new life sciences companies that might otherwise have a hard time getting a start. BTNB also hosts a variety of science education classes and events, making science accessible on every level.

BTNB capitalizes off a growing trend in the economy—the idea that the cost of an item is better off shared. Through this sharing economy, smaller investments are made initially, offsetting high costs and giving a greater freedom to try out new ideas.

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Equipment at Bio, Tech and Beyond

BTNB provides access to many levels of the research tools needed in modern medicine. Researches can do everything from developing disease biomarkers to cloning new genes, while the collaborative workspace allows them to work side by side with engineers developing the next generation of life science equipment.


How to reach Bio, Tech and Beyond

  • To get a lab space at BTNB, contact Joseph here or call him at 803-239-7960.
  • You can also join BTNB’s mailing list to receive more information from BTNB about updates, meetings, events, and classes.


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