In this day and age of constant change, it is important to stay up to speed, in your personal life and your business. With technological advances occurring so often, those of us who do business out of an office can sometimes find it difficult to get (and remain) organized, and to have the ability to collaborate in an appropriate and concise fashion. We’ve compiled a list of some fantastic apps you can use to collaborate and communicate effectively in your office.


Google Apps

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business make it simple to access all of what you need with just a few clicks. [image]


Gmail has spam protection and integrated calendars to help you be more efficient. There are no ads and you get 30GB of storage.



Google Calendar allows you to create meetings and schedule appointments with just a click. It will also send you reminders of your upcoming events directly to your Gmail inbox for more convenience.



Google Hangouts are a great way for in and out of the office communication. You can join a Hangout and conduct a video meeting quickly and easily, and you can also share your Google Slides with someone in your Hangout.



Google Drive gives you the ability to store and share your work files in the cloud, instead of having to use the outdated “attachment” method.



With Google Docs, you can be creating or editing a document at the same time a coworker, partner, or employee is doing so as well. You can draft your proposal, have another individual review it from their computer, tablet or phone, and then make the final edits on your end.




Dropbox is a place to store your photos, files and documents. With this storage app, anything you add will automatically show up on your phone, computer, or tablet allowing or great accessibility. You can share your content with others just by inviting them to a folder or document, and best of all even if something goes wrong with your computer or phone, your stuff is alway safe because Dropbox can be restored just like that. [image]


Evernote Business

Evernote Business

At $10 a month, Evernote Business is a relatively newer part of Evernote. In essence, it is a digital whiteboard that can be accessed by anyone in your group, making project management a snap. [image]

  • When you start to use Evernote Business, you will have Business Notebooks which you can share with coworkers for optimized communication in and out of the office.
  • In the Business Library, your company has access to everything that has been created within your Evernote family, and when an employee publishes a Business Notebook, it will automatically be added to your Business Library.
  • Evernote Business also has plenty of wonderful capabilities when it comes to searching. See them here.




Slack is an app to get all of your things in one place at one time. With Slack, you are able to communicate with ease and efficiency while both being in control of your documents, and being able to share them with the rest of your group. [image]

  • Slack will notify you when changes or additions have been made
  • Slack integrates with dozens of services, and more and more are being added weekly: Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Codeship, MailChimp, Trello, and more
  • Slack indexes the content of every file which is then used for its deep, universal search




Trello works using cards that you and your coworkers can order, reorder, update your progress on, add, and everything is seen in real time. Members are able to set up task lists, post comments on tasks, add due dates, labels, and more. Trello is beneficial when it comes to keep everyone organized and on track, and for those companies who need a bit more, there is Trello Business Class. [image]


Whether you decide to use one of these apps, or choose another not on our list, be sure that you find something that fits your company, work style, and your needs.


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