Imagine a Wi-Fi enabled, Android powered device that can project and operate on any surface, and you can take with you anywhere.

Philips makes portable projection device

The people at Philips have done just that with the new PicoPix PPX3610, a portable projector that connects to Wi-Fi and runs Android — essentially a tablet in projector form. View all your favorite media in large screen format up to 120″ by connecting the PicoPix pocket projector to your devices. Enjoy the convenience of a cable free connection with Wi-Fi and DLNA functionality.


Integrated web browser

The PicoPix3610 offers an integrated web browser, which allows you to go directly online without connecting a Smartphone or laptop. You can navigate the PicoPix3610 as you normally would any Android device, while using the touchpad on top of the device.

Whenever there is no Wi-Fi network available, the PicoPix will become a Personal Hotspot and set up its own network for all DLNA compatible devices, enabling you to share content on a large screen.  With Wi-Fi you can connect your PicoPix to DLNA compatible devices on your home network, and project your content from these devices. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.


PicoPix uses LED technology

Enjoy the biggest mobile screen you ever had and share your HD media content wherever you want. With your PicoPix, it is like you are carrying a personal cinema in your pocket.

  • Integrated MP4 player supports all common video and audio formats, making PicoPix a standalone device
  • Retrieves its content from  internal 2 GB memory, USB stick or one of various different types of memory cards
  • Uses high quality LED technology to project your pictures and videos in amazing colors and breathtaking contrast

The PicoPix PPX3610 will be available in January for $549.


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