Imagine a place where you can get your work done in a comfortable and relaxed setting. A place where there are opportunities to chat and network if you’re interested, but it’s never forced on you. A place where you don’t have to hear the loud sounds of a coffee shop or be distracted by person after person walking in and out of the door.

Well, this place exists. Actually, with the (somewhat) recent burst of new coworking spaces, that picture in your mind can become a reality for you! How wonderful! But before you run out the door to find your nearest coworking spot, check out these 4 ways to know if coworking works for you.

Coworking could work for you if:


1. You like to be around people.

Now, this may seem like a pretty general statement, and may times you are around people in a traditional office, but those are not the people we’re referring to. If you like learning about new people, and different types of careers and business paths, coworking could be perfect for you. Many people draw a great deal of inspiration from being able to bounce ideas off of others.

2. You are tired of working at home, and you’re not a fan of coffee shops.

“I work from home” can be a sweet phrase for some, but for others, being in the house all day can be a grind. Whether it’s the distraction of the television, too much to take care of for the kids, dogs, or significant other, or you’re over working in your pajamas, it sounds like a coworking space is in your future. Coffee shops or juice bars can be nice for a short, temporary period of time, but there comes a point when doing an entire day’s worth of tasks on a small table, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, as baristas yell out people’s order gets to be too much.

3. You are low on funds.

If you don’t need an entire office for yourself — or couldn’t afford one even if you wanted it — investing in a coworking workspace could be your perfect match. Many of these types of “offices” offer hourly rates and you can drop in when you need to get some work done, without having to fill out a stack of forms or sign a lease beforehand.

4. You are also interested in after work.

By this, we mean you are looking to get involved in some networking events, get-togethers, or just to hang out and interact with some of the people you’ve met while coworking. Many coworking spots offer networking events right there at the space, or collaborate with other groups and organizations to get some fun and engaging happenings going.

Have we convinced you? Are you ready to make the leap into the coworking world? If so, check out The WorkSpace in Carlsbad!

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