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1. Change your scenery.


Change of Scenery

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Working in the same environment day in and day out can create a routine that limits creative thinking. If you’re having trouble with a project, changing your location or scenery could help gain new insight and ideas. Take a walk; explore a new area of town; try a new place for lunch. You may come across something inspiring. Plus, going to new places not also comes with new sights, but also new people and sounds. Something you overhear in public could spark your next great idea.


2. Listen to Music


Listen to Music

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Music has a strong link to mood and imagination. A slow, relaxing melody can help put you to sleep, while fast-paced rock songs can up your energy. Listening to certain types of music or songs can be a creative jolt that instantly refreshes you with new ideas. Plus, music also helps you to fantasize, which can help you think outside the obvious. [Source]

You can take the creative benefits a step further by playing an instrument. Researchers found that during musical improvisation, musicians’ brains toned down the parts of the brain that restrict and turned up the parts that relate to creativity. [Source]

3. Interact with a diverse group of people.


Hand out with a diverse group of people

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Creativity is about getting outside of yourself and your normal thought processes to create something fresh and original. What could accomplish this better than listening to someone other than yourself? Make new friends and acquaintances. Mingle with people who are different from yourself and each other. When you listen to their experiences, ideas, hobbies, likes, and dislikes, you will be exposed to a whole new world.

In a professional atmosphere, networking with a variety of people will also expose you to different businesses and careers that may be helpful in your own career.

4. Don’t wait to be inspired.

 Don't Wait to be inspired

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Schedule time to collect your thoughts and get to work. It seems counter-intuitive, but having some constraints helps to fuel more creative thinking than an open free-for-all. Doesn’t starting that project Wednesday at 10 a.m. seem more likely to happen than the project starting “sometime”?

If you don’t like the idea of scheduling your time, at least try putting constraints on your task. For example, if promoting your business is on your to-do list, you may not know where to start. Narrow that idea down: Plan your next networking event, newsletter, or promotional contest, and your creativity will find a concentrated place to focus.

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