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Get Smart WorkSpaces is a 3774 sq.ft. coworking and meeting space located in Carlsbad California. The WorkSpace is a modern work environment with meeting rooms & workspaces available hourly or monthly.

We are open 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday to the general public and our hourly members. Monthly members have 24/7 access and there are options for early and after hour event rental.

Open Coworking Area

The open work area has seating for up to 33 coworkers.checkmark Hourly Drop-In

checkmark 24/7 Access for Monthly Members

checkmark Creative & Collaborative Space

checkmark Early Morning or Evening Event Rental


Drop-In – $10

Drop-In Plus Snacks, Tea, & Coffee – $15

Who should use our open work area?

People who need to get out of their home office every once in awhile.
People who have made the local coffee shop their office.
People who find talking to other professionals helps stimulate their creative process and get things done.
People who are not ready to lease a large office space but need a professional space to work and meet clients. At Get Smart WorkSpaces we wanted to change the typical meeting room by adding some technology, style, comfort, and creative elements. We have three meeting rooms that seat 2-3, 5-7, and 9-11 people respectively. Our meeting rooms have comfy chairs, large tables, and writable walls. Our two larger meeting rooms have flat screen tvs with video and wireless computer hookup for up to 4 computers.

In addition to the meeting rooms we have a training with a 70″ flat screen tv that seats 20 – 35 people. When our meeting spaces are not booked our hourly coworkers have access to jump in and get creative with other members. When booked our meeting and training rooms have a 24 hour cancellation policy and 30 minute minimum.

Training and Meeting Rooms

checkmark Hourly Rates

checkmark Flat Screen HD TVs

checkmark Dry Erase Walls

checkmark Choices for 2 – 35 people


Small Meeting Room – $12 ($15/non member)

Medium Conference Room – $25 ($35/non member)

Large Conference Room – $50 ($60/non member)

Training Space – $75 ($100/non member)

Event Space – $100 ($150/non member)

Who should use our meeting rooms?

Businesses looking for offsite meeting space.
Professionals who meet clients in their local coffee shop.
Business owners that would like a professional face for their business.
Teams that would like a creative space to conduct workshops and trainings.

Business Services

checkmark Mail Handling Service

checkmark Virtual Assistant

checkmark Virtual Member

checkmark Big Brain Groups

checkmark Black & White Copies

checkmark Color Copies






$.10 per page Black & White Printing/Copying

$.25 per page Color Printing/Copying

Who should use our business services?

Businesses looking for a homebase.
Professionals looking to collaborate and network.
Business in need of office supplies and resources.

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